The Diabetes Program

Welcome to the Diabetes Education Program at Community HealthNet

Community HealthNet strives to manage and engage our patients in self-care and bring awareness to the community through education and training related to Diabetes and how to effect positive outcomes

Our Diabetes Education Program began in October, 2019.  This program is a 5 week program where diabetic patients come together in a group setting, along with their primary care provider, to learn and share their experiences related to nutrition, exercise, medications and labs, eye care and foot care, and behavior health.  This is a relaxed classroom setting that involves much interaction from the patients as they learn how to better manage diabetes.  Not only do our patients enjoy the presentations and speakers but they become motivated and educated on how to better manage their condition at home.

The overall goal of the Diabetes Program is to improve health through stimulating and supporting the adoption of effective measures for the surveillance, prevention and control of diabetes and its complications.

I order to participate in our Diabetes Education Program, you must be a patient of Community HealthNet.